Free 5 Day Course 2023

Welcome to the 5-day training to start your journey to true self-empowerment.

“I’m very passionate about getting this empowering technique out to the world.”
Robert Smith

This 5-day Training will give you everything you need to get started in making the changes you want to see in your life. Whatever your challenges, you can learn to use FasterEFT to transform your life.

What I ask from you:
Watch the videos each day for the full 5 days, and follow along

Tap on everything that bothers you (I will explain tapping and how to do it, in the videos)
Ask questions – if you’re struggling or something doesn’t make sense to you, be sure to ask – I want you to feel confident and comfortable using the process.
Leave comments on our social media accounts to get peer and mentor support.
Share this with others.
The more you participate, the better your results will be. The more your brain engages with the process and this new way of experiencing life, the faster and more impressive your progress.

Peace and love,
Robert G. Smith

P.S. I have found that the most valuable tool in my tool belt is Persistence! Don’t stop until you get the results you want.
  • The Basics
  • 1. The True Cause of All Our Problems
  • 2. What Is FasterEFT?
  • 3. What is Subconscious Programming?
  • 4. The Real Truth About How the Brain Works
  • The Way To Healing 1d
  • 1. Everything inside you is really you
  • 2. Fear of Flying
  • 3. Fear of Flying – One year later
  • 4. Why Tapping Really Works?
  • The Power Of Healing 2d
  • 1. It’s Powerful!
  • 2. Pick a Memory
  • 3. How to Tap FasterEFT Style?
  • 4. Why Changing Memories Is So Important?
  • Live FasterEFT tapping sessions + results 3d
  • 1. My gagging feeling started when I was a year old
  • 2. Gagging feeling is gone
  • 3. What is an Abreaction
  • 4. Michelle's Story
  • 5. Michelle – few years later
  • The Powerful Belief System of FasterEFT 4d
  • 1. Aiming is the Key!
  • 2. The Happy Journal
  • 3. What's Next?
  • 4. Tap and Dance along
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "3. What's Next?"