Children - EmotionalED™

EmotionalED™ - Supporting eutaptics® Practitioners - Working with Children and Teens (Emo-Practitioners)

EmotionalED™ - Supporting eutaptics® Practitioners - Working with Children and Teenagers

This an online Training Program, designed to assist eutaptics® practitioners broaden their knowledge and skills when working in a group setting or one on one session with Children and Teenagers.

There are three components to the program:

PART A. Working with Children & Teenagers
Most of this material has been sourced and created with Robert and Practitioners with experience of working with this particular client group. As a practitioner working with children, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. Remember that what you’re offering them is a powerful tool and you ARE making a difference.

PART B. Giving Successful & Effective Presentations
This is designed to assist eutaptics® Practitioners & eutaptics® Practitioners-in-training gain the specific skills, knowledge and resources to be able to confidently give successful & effective presentations.

PART C. Business Development Toolbox
The Toolbox contains a treasure chest packed full of many practical tools necessary to set yourself up in your business and to bring eutaptics® to the world of our youngsters. You can customize this information to represent your own practice and refine it as your experience grows.

The intent of the program is to build on the Practitioners already considerable skills and knowledge, and assist them with particular tips and nuances for working successfully with Children and Teenagers.

Who is this for?
This is an elective, optional Module for Practitioners-in-Training and Practitioners that have finished eutaptics® Level 2, Level 3’s and above.

This is an Online program, with a written guide, videos and a range of resources.

How long will it take to complete?
The length for the Program will be approximately 14 hours, with additional practical activities required.

We live in a fast-paced world where childhood stress is more common and pervasive than previously understood. I believe the emotional health and wellbeing of our world, starts with our children.

This program is designed to assist you to broaden your knowledge and skills, when working in a group setting, or one-on-one session, with Children and Teenagers. It is for building on your already considerable skills and knowledge, as a certified eutaptics® Practitioner, and assisting with some particular tips and nuances.

As a practitioner working with children, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. Remember, what you’re offering them is a powerful tool, and you ARE making a difference.

What you will learn in this course:
• Legal Requirements for working with Children and Teenagers
• Working with ages 0-3
• Working with ages 4-7
• Working with ages 8-12
• Working with Teenagers
• Potential areas of tapping to benefit Children and Teenagers
• Kid’s Stress
• Ways to increase rapport with Children/Teenagers
• Different Techniques & Styles
• Suggestions for Quick Tap for Children
• Common challenges helping Children
• Practical Uses to help Children & Teenagers
• Practical Possibilities for implementation in Schools
• And More!

Enjoy, have some fun!
  • Welcome
  • Robert and his mission (3:04)
  • Working with Children Practitioner Guide
  • My seven year old son taps at school (1:59)
  • Helping children with anxiety (8:01)
  • Something amazing has happened to my daughter (11:52)
  • Tapping with Children about Science Tests (15:44)
  • How to work with kids of different ages (15:00)
  • How I work with kids of all ages (3:11)
  • Session with 9 year old (1:24:42)
  • Different Defracs, how to select (7:16)
  • Child's perspective - The many ways to tap (4:41)
  • Barnyard Technique - child's example (0:48)
  • Child Describes - Butterfly Hug (0:40)
  • Pattycake Technique (0:48)
  • Crazy Tapping Demo (1:30)
  • Updating the Pictures within (2:09)
  • Change the voice (1:08)
  • Cartoons Voice (1:38)
  • Simon Says Technique (1:09)
  • I Want, I Have Process (1:09)
  • Surrogate Tapping (1:37)
  • Interview with Dominique Pickerill, Teacher & eutaptics® Practitioner UK (19:07)
  • Interview with Amy, Teacher, Australia Video (5:00)
  • Interview with Dr Linda Wilson, Change Consultant, Parent, Australia (22:29)
  • Interview with Sherri Svrcek, School Counsellor, USA (21:33)
  • Teach the world to tap song (1:37)
  • Young Child Tapping on herself - Tap snap, tap snap, peace! (0:27)
  • Sharing Stories
  • The monsters and mean teachers are now nice (4:24)
  • Working with some really tough cases in school (4:03)
  • My Down Syndrome daughter has experienced astonishing results (4:47)
  • Dancing away the problems and why it works (2:19)
  • How I tapped on myself to get rid of the fear of the dark (2:01)
  • MAKING THE MOST OF eutaptics®
  • Emotional ED™ - Teacher/Parent Training Webinar (1:43:26)
  • Helping in school (1:44)
  • PART b. Successful & Effective Presentations
  • Successful & Effective Presentations Guide
  • Robert- Example Presentation - HypnoThoughts (52:31)
  • PART c. Toolbox for Business Development
  • Toolbox for Business Development Guide
  • Helping Children Succeed with Tapping (11:40)
  • Nine year old’s fear of the dark was taking over her life (7:22)
  • Tapping - The death of my teacher (7:14)
  • Helped my daughter - a teacher over the phone (2:22)
  • Psych Nurse helping children with PTSD (3:12)
  • My seven year old daughter had trichotillomania and claustrophobia (0:43)
  • A child's secret grief - by shocked mother (7:04)
  • Places and times to lower emotional intensity in the classroom (4:11)
  • Certificate Request Form
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed