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Lose weight with Ease by Changing Your Brain

What if you could hit all of your weight loss goals without fad diets, miracle pills or expensive programs that never get you the results that really last?

With eutaptics® you will find fulfillment in your health and your body with one simple technique that trains your brain to release unwanted stress, cravings, bad eating habits and get you on your way to the body you’ve always wanted!

Hundreds of people have hit and sustain their weight loss goals by using the Weight Loss Brain Training course and you can too!
Tap-a-long for 8+ hour of training with Robert and others as they work through topics such as

-The Secret To Sustainable Weight Loss
-Surprising Food Links
-Food Conditioning
-Emotional Eating
-Food Addictions
-Body Positivity
-Resistance to Exercise
-Releasing Calorie Counting
-Food Programs
-Feeling Guilty After Eating
-Feeling Unsafe Around Food
-Binge Eating
-Eating When Tired
-Q & A on Weight Loss
-Q & A on Common Eating Programs
-And More!

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  • Weight Loss Results on Oklahoma's News Channel 4
  • 01 Lose It with Ease LiveOnline Web-event
  • #1 How To Lose 100lbs Naturally
  • #2 How to lose weight. We Lost 100 pounds
  • #3 Weight Loss We Lost 100 pounds
  • 02 Lose It with Ease Live Online Web-event
  • Julie lost 65+ lbs by using a neurology based technique
  • 03 Lose It with Ease Live Online Web-event
  • How I went from from 280 lbs to 165 lbs
  • 04 Lose It with Ease Live-Online Web-event
  • "You Got To Do It"
  • 01 Welcome and follow up.
  • 02 Bill's Results 3:34
  • Valeria Results
  • Q&A 8:27
  • Amany Results 2:32
  • I cannot give up Pepsi 44:44
  • I eat at night so I will not wake up hungry 15:33
  • There is a defiant part of myself that will not let it work for me. 17:43
  • Table Trauma 16:00
  • Body Image 14:18
  • How to eat mindfully 22:13
  • Closing Thoughts 4:42
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed