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Online Training Course VS Hybrid Live/Online Training Course

Online courses are strictly a self-paced series of videos, and you work through the course primarily on your own, with an accompanying training manual. You can start the online course at any time. As part of the requirements, you have to connect with other students of your same level and do the Accountability practices, which is practicing the techniques you have learned. In Levels 2-4, you also have a certain amount of hours to practice “swaps”, which is taking turns as client and practitioner for other students in training. We have closed Facebook groups for each Level, and a Contact List for each Level, where you find other students for practice partners. The links for these are included in the welcome section of your course.

Hybrid Live/Online courses start at certain times of the year, have the same online content and requirements, but they also consist of 5 weeks of Live Zoom Calls with Robert and the other Level 5 Teachers, each Saturday from the start of the course. Two different time slots are offered, 11:00 am & 6:00 pm Central. Each call lasts approximately 5 hours, with breaks and a lunch/dinner break, and you can attend one or both calls, time zone permitting.

The hybrids are not as self-paced as the online course, in that everyone participating goes through the online content weekly, between the live zoom calls, so everyone is on the same page as they go through the course content together. You get to meet other students, and interact with Robert and the teachers in real time. This is similar to if you were attending a live training event and everyone is learning the material together, as it is presented each day. We only activate the Weekly content after the second live call each Saturday. Each week Robert and the Teachers present on the videos that the students have just watched for that week.

A placeholder purchase is put on your dashboard until a week or so before the course starts, so you will not have access to the course content until near time to start.

Either way, you have two years from the time you start the course, to complete all the course requirements.

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