Stop Smoking by Changing Your Brain (Smoking)

  • The mindset to smoking and all addictions
  • Emotional Motivators
  • Common reasons why people want to quit smoking
  • How many sessions or how long will it take to quit smoking.
  • Assignment - Locations, times and places.
  • The addiction is more about inner representation than the actual drug
  • Assignment - The best or worst Cigarette
  • Assignment - Locations, times and places
  • Assignment - Start tapping on the different times you smoked.
  • Who will you miss if you stop smoking?
  • Dumping and Linking on Youtube
  • What is the difference between linking and dumping?
  • A video to watch - Tabaco Killed My Mother
  • A video to watch - Tabaco Killed My Mom
  • Tobacco: How It Kills
  • Start Breathing and Live!
  • Sessions
  • All about linking and neural pathways in the mind.
  • Tapping: Des - Smoking
  • Tapping: Victoria - I want to smoke right now
  • After the sessions.
  • Tapping: Des - Smoking times and places
  • Tapping: Amy - Smoking Imprints
  • Tapping: Victoria - Times and places of smoking.
  • Tapping: Amy - Smoking Night Cap
  • Tapping: Martine - I cannot abandon my cigarettes (117)
  • How you can put in the positive stuff in your brain?
  • The most important things you'll need to do.
  • Updates
  • Tapping: Victoria - The Changes and Clean up
  • Tapping: Roberta's Past Tiggers that is based on a big emotional issue
  • Tapping: Pauline - I never get it right
  • What you must do is keep doing what works!
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed