This course isn’t just about making it easy to be at home for long stretches, it’s essential to understand that when we’re stressed, our immune systems break down. Stress causes our bodies to stop responding to exercise, medications, natural ability to fight disease, etc. So, to prevent that breakdown, we must address the root of the problem - our memories and fears! Especially now. So tap along with me for 2 hours and help yourself avoid illness by lowering your emotional overwhelm and reducing your stress.

Understand how stress works, how our stressors are unique to each person, and how to neurologically change our inner references. Robert will address the fear of dying, getting ill, and/or losing loved ones to COVID-19.
  • How memories create the stressed reaction. (1:24:25)
  • How memories and stressors help create and support illness. (8:33)
  • What is the difference between EFT tapping and eutaptics® FasterEFT? (3:06))
  • The mind expresses the past in metaphoric ways (8:30)
  • Tapping - I have fear of dying of COVID-19! (1:10:04)
  • Discussion after tapping on the fear of COVID-19! (7:19)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed