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Weight Loss Brain Training... Lose It With Ease!

What if you could heal your connection to your body, reduce your stressors by breaking the negative links to food, and take back emotional control to create the life and health you want?

Losing weight isn’t just about looking good, it’s also about feeling good and being as physically healthy as possible.

Weight Loss Brain Training helps you understand your habits so that you have the potential to change your behavior. Robert teaches how memories and their associations trigger those habits, so that you can change their meaning in your life. The key to success in weight loss is understanding yourself.

Benefits to Weight Loss Brain Training:

1) You will gain personal emotional control over your life.
2) You will experience increased self-esteem.
3) The emotional drivers are adjusted and food will no long have power over you.
4) Your relationship with food will change, and you will be able put food back in its proper place.
5) You will be able to eat whatever you want when your body says it's hungry, and be able to stop when it says you are full.
6) You will learn the unconscious connections that are really driving your attachment to the food.
6) You'll be able to end addictive behaviors.
7) Relationships will improve in your life.
  • Stephany shares her story (24:32)
  • How I cleared fears, Lost 65 lbs plus, and changed the big one (9:58)
  • The Course
  • Not about dieting & exercising because it will not solve the problem (50:55)
  • The key to your success (6:48)
  • How to Defrac/Tap on yourself! (22:25)
  • Changing the body map and image within the mind (15:43)
  • Tapping on your eating programs (23:54)
  • Tapping - I cannot throw food away (5:24)
  • Tapping - My Relationship w/Dad programmed me to overeat (24:06)
  • How does a physical pain in the stomach relate to my eating program? (5:04)
  • Still confused on how to work on me (4:37)
  • The instructions on what you need to work on (9:23)
  • Overview of what to do and has been done (10:32)
  • Tapping - Being bullied and body image! (49:20)
  • The power of the minds linking to food (4:06)
  • Tapping - Hurtful words about my body (34:42)
  • Tapping - Abused as a child and now I do not want to be noticed (15:53)
  • Tapping - How to tap on food (25:00)
  • Tapping - Sugar does not love me (29:11)
  • Your assignment (5:26)
  • It really is all about survival, love & staying in alignment w/programs (13:31)
  • The protocol for doing this the rest of your life (13:46)
  • Feel like I am lying if I rewrite my memories (13:15)
  • Tapping - I was eating & drinking to try to escape my abuse memories (56:30)
  • Food & eating programs become metaphoric expressions of many things (12:36)
  • It is all love, the good, the fat and the ugly (4:05)
  • How stories of others will become our own false memory (4:08)
  • How to do the Happy Journal (12:32)
  • Food, sex, money, and personal value are all linked inside the same mind (5:16)
  • The protocol for doing this the rest of your life (13:46)
  • Tapping - Eating pattern related to not caring for myself (29:35)
  • Closing thoughts on what you must do (7:15)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed