Freedom from Depression and Anxiety

  • 01 Section
  • The understanding of what is depression and anxiety.
  • What is hypnosis and trance?
  • How the survival part of the brain that keeps you in depression or anxiety.
  • The Primary Principle of Memory.
  • Memory Manifesto - How memories and the mind work.
  • The understanding of what is depression and anxiety.
  • The Subconscious - Limbic System is Keeping You Safe Based On Content.
  • What if you despise the person who did it to you?
  • Linda's Journey out of a lifetime of depression!
  • How do you deal with the loss of a baby or miscarriage?
  • How and why you must start tapping.
  • Going over the details on what you need to start doing.
  • Looking at what creates your problems today.
  • 02 Section
  • The review.
  • The lack of vulnerably, fear of sharing and not trusting.
  • Tapping - My later life traumas are dragging me down but why?
  • Tapping - My whole life I have been anxious.
  • Is it normal to have physical reactions while tapping and afterwards?
  • The many ways the brain works with our memories!
  • When the mind says, "That did not really happen that way."
  • Six important times to tap on yourself.
  • How to address anxiety about money.
  • Worry torments you and takes you where you do not want to go.
  • Tapping - Magda, learned to be anxious at school and still doing it.
  • Being consistent with your inner work will create a new life
  • 03 Section
  • Tapping - Checking in on Karen - abreaction after session.
  • Tapping - Karen, hear me, or I will not sleep worrying!
  • Where self-esteem comes from and how to improve it?
  • Tapping - Magda the follow up about the school trained anxiety programming.
  • Tapping - Susan All my life I am the quitter, failure and miserable.
  • This is the most important thing for you to do starting today
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed