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Freedom from Depression and Anxiety

Sometimes with depression and anxiety we experience isolation, abandonment, loneliness, and hopelessness, just to name a few. Did you know depression and anxiety are survival skills that keep us safe?

Learn where your depression and anxiety come from and train your brain to create meaningful connections with yourself and those around you again.

Gain the confidence to change the associations you’ve made on a subconscious level.

Create a positive impact in your life into something you want.

With these new understandings, you will be able to see that "your" depression and anxiety is a program that you can change by applying the lasting effects of the eutaptics® modality. With the tools provided in this course, you’ll be able to take emotional control of your future and live an exciting life by changing your thought patterns and associations with the past.

9+ hours of in-depth understanding, explanation, and eutaptics® tap-a-long videos. Tap with Robert and witness others’ profound healing and insights. Robert will cover topics such as

-Real Reason We Become Depressed
-Understanding Surprising Memory Links
-Tap On Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
-Understanding Emotional Escapism
-Tapping On Triggers
-Fearing Normalcy
-Resistance to Healing
-Releasing the Myth of Disorders
-Addressing Specific Memories
-Feeling Guilty for Other’s Feelings
-Feeling Physical Signs of Depression & Anxiety
-Physical Pain and the Emotional Toll it Takes
-Relationships and How They Form Us
-Fear of Happiness and Success
-Q & A on Mental Health
-Q & A on Childhood Memories
-And More!
  • 01 Section
  • The understanding of what is depression and anxiety.
  • What is hypnosis and trance?
  • How the survival part of the brain that keeps you in depression or anxiety.
  • The Primary Principle of Memory.
  • Memory Manifesto - How memories and the mind work.
  • The understanding of what is depression and anxiety.
  • The Subconscious - Limbic System is Keeping You Safe Based On Content.
  • What if you despise the person who did it to you?
  • Linda's Journey out of a lifetime of depression!
  • How do you deal with the loss of a baby or miscarriage?
  • How and why you must start tapping.
  • Going over the details on what you need to start doing.
  • Looking at what creates your problems today.
  • 02 Section
  • The review.
  • The lack of vulnerably, fear of sharing and not trusting.
  • Tapping - My later life traumas are dragging me down but why?
  • Tapping - My whole life I have been anxious.
  • Is it normal to have physical reactions while tapping and afterwards?
  • The many ways the brain works with our memories!
  • When the mind says, "That did not really happen that way."
  • Six important times to tap on yourself.
  • How to address anxiety about money.
  • Worry torments you and takes you where you do not want to go.
  • Tapping - Magda, learned to be anxious at school and still doing it.
  • Being consistent with your inner work will create a new life
  • 03 Section
  • Tapping - Checking in on Karen - abreaction after session.
  • Tapping - Karen, hear me, or I will not sleep worrying!
  • Where self-esteem comes from and how to improve it?
  • Tapping - Magda the follow up about the school trained anxiety programming.
  • Tapping - Susan All my life I am the quitter, failure and miserable.
  • This is the most important thing for you to do starting today
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed