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Transform Your Relationships

Imagine having the kind of love you want and deserve in your life? And, how you would like to experience emotional freedom in your relationships?

This course is designed to help you understand how changing yourself is very much linked to changing your relationship with others.

We’ll cover relationship topics such as:

Constant fighting and how to become less reactive
How to heal from previous abuses
How to overcome jealousy and other controlling behavior in both yourself and your partners
Finding freedom from insecurities in your relationships (such as financial differences, family dynamics, self-esteem issues, sexlessness, broken promises)
How to manage long distance relationships without worry
Being okay with wanting different things and/or attracting someone who sees the same future you want
Poor communication and feeling like you’re always on different pages
Attracting the same ‘type’ of person who is wrong for you
Why couples therapy, marriage boot camp, and other expensive ‘relationship cure alls’ haven’t worked

If you want to overcome these patterns and learn how to take control of your life, this web-course is for you.
  • 01 Section
  • The importance of working on your relationships - past, present & future (6:11)
  • Relationships always change in a good way or a bad way. (2:46)
  • Why it's important to clean up past experiences for a better relationship (7:58)
  • Relationships can shape shift from a bad into different kind of issue. (4:18)
  • Protect yourself, heal yourself within the relationship. (0:59)
  • The power of pain to getting more of what what you do not want. (9:13)
  • The smart thing to do when triggered is take a break and tap it out. (7:51)
  • What if you do not have good references to build a good relationship? (3:11)
  • Which relationships do you want to start working on? (9:40)
  • I don't have many memories but have a lot of knowings and feelings. (5:13)
  • What about dealing with sexual abuse memories? (1:30)
  • After you have done your list, this is how we will work. (1:13)
  • Dealing with early sexual abuse issues. (2:10)
  • This is a simple and effective way to tap/defrac yourself (4:09)
  • Importance of knowing how memories work and who is in your memory. (5:34)
  • The meaning of love and key points about relationships (4:28)
  • Tapping - Unforgiveness and repeating the same pattern as parents. (1:02:06)
  • How things within relationships and start improving. (11:43)
  • Your choices & decisions determined by what you already hold in your mind (5:58)
  • 02 Session
  • Noticing how I feel & going deeper into what is it I am feeling is key. (13:25)
  • Rewriting the memory is important and ways to do it successfully. (9:55)
  • How to clear a pattern affecting your current relationship. (6:05)
  • Do I have to tap on every memory? (5:39)
  • The impact of your sexual exposure will affect your relationship. (6:07)
  • Tapping - My angry dad shows up in my life with anger and mold issues. (1:00:02)
  • What about surrogate tapping on others? (3:09)
  • Follow up with Page. (4:58)
  • Tapping - Not safe to feel daddy's love. (25:32)
  • Our brains will repeat patterns in many different ways. (6:15)
  • The importance of knowing how to change yourself is the key. (4:54)
  • Figure out how to come out of your trances, as well as, your partners (6:19)
  • So you identify the pattern first of do you work on the memories. (3:11)
  • Importance thoughts and follow through. (10:06)
  • 03 Session
  • Success in one area and seemly a failure in another. (10:17)
  • Checking in with Lisa (3:47)
  • Sonali - follow up with Dad and mold. (11:05)
  • How do I deal with a verbally abusive partner? (12:59)
  • How to use videos and to get changes. (3:28)
  • We supply the meaning to everything. (7:05)
  • Tapping - A Difficult partner (43:51)
  • Tapping I emotionally shut down from my partner creating bigger problems (34:54)
  • Be the gatekeeper of your mind! (4:09)
  • Your assignment for the rest of your life and what you need to do next! (3:36)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed