Private Session with Robert Gene Smith

Robert Gene Smith is a worldwide teacher, international speaker, and a leading expert in the neuroplasticity of the mind. Robert started his exploration into the way the human mind works when he was just 15 years old; and his journey, since then, has led him through every major (and many of the minor) theories, modalities, therapies, and techniques for self-help and transformation. He provides the largest library of free educational videos on healing the mind and body on YouTube, through his channel: Robert Gene, eutaptics® and FasterEFT™ Training.

Robert has a long list of features to his credit including a major appearance in the feature-length documentary “E-Motion” and multiple guest spots on TV programs, podcasts, and radio shows. His resume includes keynote presentations at Hypnobiz New York, HypnoSummit Worldwide, and HypnoThoughts Las Vegas amongst other major conferences on emotional wellness across the world.

Robert’s discoveries, insights, research, and ability to understand the human mind have led him to become an expert in neuroplasticity – teaching thousands of people from all walks of life how to use the brain’s natural neuroplasticity to consciously and deliberately make the changes that lead to transformation in all areas of life – including: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; anxiety, depression, phobias, auto-immune diseases, pain, stress, and too many more to mention here.

As a visionary and leader, on the cutting-edge of progress in the field of healing the mind and body, Robert is excited about his role in the next level of human empowerment and he's available to empower YOU!


Private Session with Robert Gene Smith:

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