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Twenty tap-a-long videos for $27

This is a limited time special offer of never-before-seen videos from my live seminars. (Yes, that means they've never been on YouTube.)

These videos feature tap-a-long sessions on:
* money
* self-esteem
* body confidence
* physical pain
* relationships
* Allergies
* fears and phobias
* trauma and PTSD

"Thank you so much for the $27 tap-along video offer! I'm getting SO much out of it! I'm tapping on things I haven't thought about for years and didn't realize I had any issues with. These are so great!!!" Sherry Martin

These aren't surface level. We dive into big issues, share real stories, and experience lasting change in all these videos.

  • Instructions to start
  • Before you start.
  • 1. My weight proves that i am a failure
  • 2. My husband had an heart attack; ptsd
  • 3. Three Major Traumas - abuse, beating and rape
  • 4. My fear of jumping out of a plane
  • 5. Public speaking fear
  • Relationships
  • 6. I am so angered with a family member.
  • 7. Everyone I love I drive them away
  • 8. His ex-wife's are making my life miserable
  • 9. I wet the bed and my dad would beat me
  • 10. The dark secret I was so afraid of and my brother the bully
  • Money
  • 11. Financial devastation based on poor relationships
  • 12. I have always felt like a failure
  • 13. I cannot support myself
  • Self Value
  • 14. I can never get it right no matter I what I do
  • 15. It’s not safe to be myself or something bad will happen
  • 16. I am a worthless piece of trash
  • 17. I have a strong resistance to change
  • 18. I am so jealous of my stepdaughter
  • Pain
  • 19. My slipped disc in the back
  • 20. I've been ripping my fingernails off for 30 years
  • Your next step...
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed