Transform Yourself Series (Non-CertificationCourses) → Heal Your Body

Exclusive Q&A Coaching on How to Master Yourself

✔ This course was an exclusive Answers to your Questions. Robert G. Smith.

✔ We will be using my revolutionary Eutaptics system to address all kinds of issues - including but not limited to physical pain, mental stress, emotional trauma, health issues, disorders, diseases, diagnoses, fears, phobias, and more.

40 plus hours of videos.

✔ Learn as I am coaching others and your answers are right here for you.

✔ Watch and tap along and your life will start to shift.
  • Welcome and the plan.
  • The eutaptics foundational belief system
  • How to do the list of memories and know when you are done.
  • Why does it seem like nothing has changed after sessions?
  • The Common Mistake: Unfinished Memory
  • Hugging the inner child and many ways of reimprinting memories.
  • How to lose weight the smart way.
  • How to address procrastination.
  • How do you deal with resentment?
  • If I tap on myself will my partner stop cheating on me?
  • What are the good things to say after the first round of tapping?
  • Be cautious about going too deep with yourself.
  • Understanding that all children within you are you.
  • How to address addictions.
  • How to address allergies?
  • I have lack of desire to do things.
  • The key to healing, not following through on projects.
  • Which pleasant memory do I use?
  • What is the difference with private session compared to tapping in public?
  • How do I address my anxiety of speaking in public?
  • How to address fear of authority, of men, health issues?
  • What do I need to do to lose weight?
  • How to get more money.
  • How to address physical pain.
  • How does memory work and how to improve it?
  • Why tapping works?
  • Why I am always scared?
  • Why am I not accepted by others?
  • How do I find the true me and have more inner peace?
  • Hormonal Imbalance & weight gain; Fear of illness
  • How do dreams and nightmares work and what do you tap on?
  • Cheating partner, too deep, resentment, be careful and children within.
  • Avoid the biggest mistake in healing; Growth mindset; Cancer; Relationships
  • Fear of death and dying; Grief & loss; Phobias
  • Recommend Books; Money; Weight gain; Physical pain
  • Thriving at Christmas; Changing your past; Chronic illnesses;
  • Physical pain; Weight; Money; Rejection and more...
  • Why do I quit?; Allergies; Lack of desire; Pleasant memories; Tapping types
  • Week 1 Q&A Call
  • Week 2 Q&A Call
  • Week 3 Q&A Call (Full)
  • Week 3 Q&A Call - Part 1
  • Week 3 Q&A Call - Part 2
  • Week 3 Q&A Call - Part 3
  • Week 3 Q&A Call - Part 4
  • Week 3 Q&A Call - Part 5
  • Week 3 Q&A Call - Part 6
  • Week 3 Q&A Call - Part 7
  • Week 4 Q&A Call - Part 1
  • Week 4 Q&A Call - Part 2
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed