Transform Yourself Series (Non-CertificationCourses)

Relationship Webinar - How to attract what you want.


In the course is a two-hour webinar where Robert is training on how to improve your relationship with yourself to attract the perfect partner. Also, there are there are three different sessions where Robert is tapping on relationship issues, like abuse, rejections and the feelings of not being good enough.

  • 01 Relationships - The foundation of all Relationships
  • 02 Relationships- I am afraid it will happen again.
  • 03 Relationships - Can only one person fix the relationship
  • 04 Relationships - How to use affirmations to attract the perfect partner?
  • Tapping Sessions
  • I was sexually abused
  • I am rejected by my mother, friends and girlfriend even on valentines day.
  • Not smart or good enough and I am not important- People don’t love me
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed