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40 Different Sessions with Robert


There are 40 tapping sessions you have never seen.

  • About this Course
  • Section 1
  • My soul mate died on the way to work.
  • Grief & Loss - Death of my dog
  • How to change the meaning of death of my sister
  • My cousin killed himself
  • I lost everything in one year 2009
  • They called me a big fat liar and thief.
  • Three great losses
  • Section 2
  • I was tormented and picked on when I was younger.
  • He was going to kill us all
  • She doesn’t like me
  • Linda Esser School Issues
  • Too Fat to mess with - relationships
  • Instead of telling my parents I had been naughty I wanted to kill myself
  • Section 3
  • A Break of Trust - Unwanted baby
  • A gun at my mothers head.
  • The scared little boy,”The gypsy Lady.” and “Your father is arrested.”
  • I hate family reunions
  • I am rejected by my mother, friends and girlfriend even on valentines day.
  • Section 4
  • I am a bad mother
  • The Dream
  • Not smart/ good enough, not important- People don’t love me
  • All my relationships abandon me
  • Rejection - Abandonment - All alone
  • Constantly feeling inferior and being judged. I have to prove myself
  • My colleague ignores me and is disrespectful
  • Section 5
  • Physical Pain is linked to emotional events
  • I am a terrible person and it's not ok to be ok.
  • Money issues - I don’t pay my bills even when I have money
  • The clock did something to me
  • I am ashamed of feeling good about myself
  • Section 6
  • My mother said I was a little bitch and she wants to give me away
  • Panic attacks in front of people
  • Pissed off at my brother
  • I hate it when they are always late
  • Lots of Fears and Anxieties
  • Section 7
  • Constant fear choking feeling every time I eat.
  • My Insomnia keeps me awake.
  • Fear of being judged.
  • PTSD I almost drowned and I was assaulted
  • Section 8
  • School Trauma - Deirdre Maguire
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed